How to Lower your Premium

When applying for car insurance, you are asked quite a lot of questions. Nearly all these questions go towards a formula which is used to calculate your premium. There are various things you can do to bring the cost down.
Normally, if you have passed an advanced driving course, you are likely to receive a discount. You could also decide to increase the excess amount on your policy that you pay should you make a claim, this will lower the premium too.

Also, if you stay in a quite village, your premium will be cheaper than if you were to stay in central London for example.

Other ways of cutting costs can be if you declare that you are only going to do a low mileage during the year, or if you build up a no claims bonus. You can also pay a little extra to protect this bonus if you have not claimed in 3 years.

You will also get a reduction if your car has an alarm, an immobiliser, if it is kept in a drive way or a garage.