Misleading Advertising

Home insurance can be a very confusing industry. For example you may take out a policy as a result of an advertisement you seen in a shop window. This advert may have given you the impression that everything in your home was insured, only to find that when you make a claim, the company is not willing to pay out your full claim because of certain terms outlined in the policy.

If the advert that made you buy your policy was on the television you should contact the Independent Television Commission (ITC). If it was on the radio then contact the Radio Authority (RA), for any other forms of advertising contact the Standards Authority (ASA).

It is important when writing to any of these groups that you are specific about the advert and you provide all the details of how you think you have been mislead.
When they receive your complaint they will look into it and raise it with the relevant company if they think you have a valid case. If it is decided that you have been mislead, they will be ordered to make the changes required to prevent it happening in the future. If the case is more serious they can be fined, made to apologise in there advertising medium or even loose their license.