Third Party Fire and Theft

Third party fire and theft policies are similar to third party, however you will also be covered should your car be stolen or if it goes on fire. If someone has tried to break into your car and caused damage to it, you will also be covered for this. It is however important that if your car is stolen or someone tries to break into it, you should report it to the police as this will help your claim go through.

It is also worth remembering that if your car is stolen, and you make a claim, you will probably have to pay an excess of around £100. There are however companies who will not require you to pay an excess in this situation if you had taken security measures such as keeping it in a garage and if your car has an alarm.

Paying an excess on insurance policies encourage car owners to take more care whether its making there car more secure to being amore careful driver. It also means that the driver is not going to make claims for thinks which cost less than the excess amount.