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Insurance cover is a necessity in these times. There are many types of insurance cover to choose from. Our aim is to simplify your decision process by offering a full description on all types of insurance. Do not compound your risk by neglecting your insurance needs.

You cannot drive a car without CAR INSURANCE. Car insurance is probably the most expensive type of insurance  you will have to arrange. We will describe all the policies on offer as well as a guide to ensure you choose the proper car insurance that works best for you.

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HOME INSURANCE is usually split into two types: buildings insurance and contents insurance. Home insurance is calculated on the size and value of your home as well as the area your home is in. We will describe how tenants insurance is slightly different.


SR-22 Insurance

You have probably come across the term SR22 insurance and have been wondering what it is all about. Well, on the next internal pages you will find out exactly what it means. One of the requirements before being given valid driver’s license is a proof of car insurance.

Car insurance not only protects you from liabilities but also protects other drivers and pedestrians. And SR-22 insurance is a document, or form, or bond, that drivers are required to submit to show that they have the necessary car insurance valid for the state (US) they live.

Keep in mind that each state of US has its own requirements when it comes to SR22 insurance forms. This form can be filled with your car insurance company or at your state’s DMV offices. If you are required to show proof of your financial responsibility, then your auto insurance company is liable to present the SR22 insurance form to your state’s DMV. This is a good example of company that provide SR-22 insurance Texas certificates.

sr22 insurance texas for your car

The Example of SR-22 Texas

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety chart of moving infractions, motor vehicle without required equipment or in not safe condition as a moving infraction that will have driver responsibility points assessed to the individual’s drivers  license if they are convicted of this violation. Driving a not safe car is also listed as a moving violation in which points are assigned.

A citation in Texas though for specific defective equipment on a vehicle would be a non-moving violation. For instance defective head lamps, tail lights, etc would be considered an equipment ticket for a non-moving violation. It is still on the discretion of the police officer or court to decide if a defective equipment ticket will be a fix-it ticket or not.

A lot of motorists are being required to buy SR22 insurance for numerous reasons. In Texas, SR-22 is a form that proves to the Department of Public Safety (DPS) that a person has car insurance. In case a person has been caught driving without insurance, he/she will be asked to buy SR22 insurance. Also, if a person got convicted for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), he/she will be required to buy SR22 insurance. Don’t feel that it’s a total disaster if your father has to buy SR22 insurance, but it makes harder for him to get car insurance and he would most likely pay more than most motorists.

The insurance company would normally add a particular amount to the car insurance policy if a person is required to buy SR22 insurance. You father will be considered as high risk by insurance companies so he would have to spend more for his coverage. If you feel that this is unfair, just think that your father committed a mistake and have to go through it for a certain period. If he will buy SR22 insurance Texas, this will guarantee that he has car insurance and it will give protection for automobiles and properties. Many people are having economic problems in case an accident is caused by someone who doesn’t have insurance. So with SR22 as part of car insurance, motorists would feel the security they need against those who don’t have insurance.

SR22 Insurance Texas