Home Contents Insurance

Home contents insurance will cover almost everything you keep in your house. This includes furniture, electrical goods, computers, jewelry, clothes etc.

The majority of insurance policies cover you for loss or damage, such as theft, fire damage, or flooding. Some policies can also cover you for accidental damage such as spillages of paint etc on carpets or 3 peace suites. Some policies will provide you for liability insurance, so for example if someone were to visit your home and trip over something on the floor and injure themselves. You would be covered should they want to make a claim against you.

It is worth checking with the policy if it covers your possessions when taken outside, such as golf clubs or bicycles, sometimes it may be cheaper to insure these separately through a specialist insurer. Other items such as jewelry or antiques may need to be insured separately, as there can be a limit as to how much any single item is worth.

Some policies will cover you for a defined replacement value for everything in your home. This can either be calculated by you, or based on the number of bedrooms you have. You would get this sum played out in the event of a fire, or if flooding had caused damage throughout your home.